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Proud To Be
A Card-Carrying

By Jean Hay

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...on liberalism:  "Hate to tell you, folks, but taking your definition of a liberal from Rush Limbaugh is akin to taking your definition of a Jew from Hitler, either before or after he, as Marge Schott explained, 'went too far.' "

...on abortion rights:  "I do not see my America in the Republican drive to declare the wombs of American women to be government property."

...on the military:  "People who do not respect people of other genders or sexual orientation should not be issued weapons and taught how to kill."

also "I contend -- and I seem to be alone in this -- that our military budget is for our national defense. It is not a jobs program...The closing of Loring Air Force Base is what a budget cut looks like."

...on career women having babies while single:   "I have known such women, and I can find no fault with their decision -- or their children. ... I think it makes some men nervous when some women decide they can do without them."

...on violence:   "Real men know how to control themselves."

also  "Do we really now live in a country where the neighbors can consider someone perfectly normal, except for the fact that he's killed a couple of people?"

...on the flag-burning amendment:  "Better the flag than the federal building. The flag can take it."

...on seizing the opportunity:  "When God hands you an apple, you bite."

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 96-94746
ISBN 0-9657759-0-9

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Authorized and paid for by Jean Hay for Congress and Jean Hay for U.S. Senate, Bruce Littlefield, Treasurer.

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