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Proud to be a Card-Carrying, Flag-Waving, Patriotic American Liberal

Table of Contents
v Dedication
1 A Few Words from Helen
2 Proud to Be a Card-Carrying, Flag-Waving, Patriotic American Liberal

Chapter One: Out of the Woods and into the Fire
Coping with Inflation
Guess it all depends on where you start
12 In Defense of Unwed Mothers
A decade before Murphy Brown
14 Irreverence for Electricity
Been there, done without that
17 AES Economics
A billion dollars here, a million asthma cases there
22 A Tree Grows in Guatemala
Hot air is what makes the wind blow
25 Tell Me Again Which Uppity Black Got Lynched?
Clarence Thomas didn't want to hear it
28 Blackmail and Gays in the Military
Stormin' Norman Should Know Better

Chapter Two: What's A Nice Girl Like Me Doing in a Campaign Like This?
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30 The Fort and I
Tossing my hat into the granite ring
34 Not All Carrots Are Straight
Good enough for God, good enough for me
35 The Secret Life of the North American Free Trade Agreement
What you're not allowed to know can hurt you
38 The Fish Man and the Democratic Party
Who's minding the store?
42 Credentials
Show me yours and I'll show you mine
47 In Defense of Defense Cuts
If a base can't stand up, we should shut it down
52 Thoughts on Memorial Day
Vets deserve our respect while they're still alive
55 How George Mitchell Changed My Life
Address to the Maine Democratic Convention

Chapter Three: Write On
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61 Abuse is Abuse, Even in the Military
Real men don't beat their wives
64 ... and To the Party for Which It Stands
Be true to yourself
75 A Good Word for President Clinton
78 Weren't Those Elections FUN??!!
Don't blame me, I voted for the Democrats
82 The Right to Green Life
Defining the point of political viability
86 And the Absurdities Go On
''There was nothing wrong with John other than he killed a couple people.''
89 Just Say No to Campaign Ads
Don't cap the pay, just lower the rent
91 Women's Work
Snow peas and the invisible domestic product
94 Alice in Potatoland
Yum, yum, my tum went numb
100 Everywoman's Right to Choose
Roe v. Wade protects both sides in the abortion debate
105 Life and Birth in the 1700s
Making history come alive
107 A Burning Issue of Free Speech
Better the flag than the federal building
109 Pray for the Constitution
Because it may not have a prayer in school
112 Human Rights Grow On You
Be concerned when Maine families attack the American dream
115 Bosnia: Why Don't They Just Leave?
Battering with bullets
119 So What's the Problem Here?
We've got the numbers, we just need to add them up
123 Lessons Learned Living Up the Road from Helen and Scott Nearing
Challenge your assumptions
127 Exposing the School of the Americas
The head of this class might serve yours up on a platter
131 Another Good Word for President Clinton
134 The Fabric of Our Lives
Used to be we had communities

Chapter Four: Once More, With Feeling
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141 I Do Not See My America
The Republicans are standing in the way
144 A Pig's Tale
Reading the handwriting on the wall
146 Of Forests and Trees
Eco-terrorists and the slash-and-burn types
149 When God Hands You an Apple, You Bite
A Speech to Penobscot Job Corps
154 Something is Wrong in Business
America is sinking to the bottom line
158 Terminate Term Limits
Democracy wasn't designed to work that way
161 Slavery and the Minimum Wage
Even a cow can't make a living on that
163 Joseph Moses Brennan and the 11th Commandment
Is it negative campaigning if the facts are correct?
166 A Different Kind of Candidate
Speech to the Maine Democratic Convention
172 Forty-eight, Female, and I Vote
When typing class turned into keyboarding

Chapter Five: It's a Rap
Top of page
176 Of Bones and Voter Lists
The Democratic Party should stop feeding off its candidates
179 Politicians on Parade
Lots of people love parades but not some of the paraders
182 Pogo Was Right
We were seen by the electorate and it didn't vote for us


I. The National Economic Security Plan
Coordinated reform of the minimum wage, social
security, federal income taxes, and national health care

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